Product Design

Attendance: 48 hour
Intake: Every month except August

Course Language: Italian with simultaneous translation in English
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The course follows an overall product design methodology, including the identification of customer needs, generation of product concepts, prototyping, and design-manufacturing. The student is trained individually. Both beginner and experienced students in Product design can benefit from this course.
Approaching contemporary product design through the observation of Italian design and its products;
Designing a product line based on original research;
working more efficiently or “update” product design skills.

Study Plan

Material Technologies;
History of Design;
Italian Design Contemporary Trends;
Design Workshop.


The course has held on an individual basis, in which each student is trained individually. Both beginner and experienced students in Interior Design can take profit by this course.

ISD offers two kinds of attendance:
- 4 weeks Course: one lessons per day (morning or afternoon).
- 2 weeks Course: two lessons per day (morning and afternoon).
Each lesson lasts 3 hours. Lessons are from Monday to Thursday. In addition to in-class activities, students will be asked to work on specific projects and case studies as at-home assignments.

Admission Requirements

There are no academic requirements to participate in this course.

Application deadline

The programme has restricted entry. Enrolments are awarded depending on availability of places.